Getting Your Kids Into Springboard Diving Lessons


So you are interested in signing your kids up for springboard diving lessons through Dive San Diego under the skills and care of the award-winning Coach Marnie Young? Perhaps you saw your son or daughter flipping off the diving board at that last pool party, or you saw how much fun your kids were having bouncing and tumbling on the trampoline. As parents we want nothing more to see our kids mature into good, hard-working people while staying safe and happy. By following some simple guidelines you can get your kids participating in some exciting and fun-filled San Diego springboard diving lessons in no time and ready to compete with pride in honor in their very first meet!

Who is the best Springboard Diving Coach in San Diego?

The best springboard diving coach in San Diego will be someone with the education, experience and passion for the sport of diving and for the welfare of children. She will be diverse in her skillset, educational background and curriculum. It goes without saying that a good coach will be able to teach a forward 2 ½ somersault, but locating a springboard diving coach who maintains a flawless safety record and who has the passion and drive to see kids succeed on and off the board is essential to the DNA of the perfect coach. Here are some things to look our for:

  • Certifications and licenses
  • Educational experience with children
  • Diverse resume
  • Always promoting safety
  • A skilled communicator
  • Recommended by pools and school district

Having a springboard diving coach with all the certifications and licenses is a no brainer, but ask yourself what kind of experiences the coach has had in working with children. You can take a gold medal winning Olympic Diver but if he never worked with kids he may be lacking those vital skills needed to make for a well-rounded coach. Also, check your child’s coach’s resume. Does she work with wounded soldiers, the elderly, or kids with disabilities in addition to healthy full-functioning kids? Does she ensure that safety standards are up to par? Also, springboard diving lessons can usher anxiety in some kids, and the best diving coach will be a skilled communicator ready to work with kids and help them get past their barriers while dealing with any anxiety that might surface. Finally, ask your local public pool and school district if they would recommend your coach. Once you have nailed these points down your child will be on his or her way to working with the best springboard diving coach in San Diego County!

Time and Commitment

Learning to dive through springboard diving lessons takes time, and as a parent you must be able to invest yourself into that time just as your child will. Being able to flip, twist, and spot all take a great degree of skill and require dedicated patience and lots of practice. Depending on your child’s aspirations and goals in the sport of springboard diving, it could even take years. In fact dryland training, work on the trampoline and using a spotting harness can even eat into a good deal of time before your child is actually ready to perform a dive off the board.

Ask your springboard diving coach to assess your child and offer an estimated time for training completion until your child can reach his or her desired goals. And remember, springboard diving lessons should be fun. They should also help kids develop their social skills, leadership skills, confidence, and problem-solving skills. The more support you as a parent give to them, the better rounded your child will be as a diver, and as a happy confident person ready to succeed in the world!

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