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Lessons are offered year round with Beginner, Advanced, and Pre-Novice Groups. In the lesson program, beginner divers learn the front and back approach, body alignment, and basic dives. If a diver shows real excitement for diving in the lessons and learns enough dives, he or she will be invited to join the team once they have acquired enough dives to be able to compete at a local meet.

Beginning Learn to Dive Class (Level 1)

Students are taught front approach, back press, jumps in all positions, forward, and back dives as well as other skills as time and interest allows. The premise of this class is to introduce individuals to the sport of diving.

Advanced Learn to Dive Class (Level 2)

This class is for those who have participated in the Beginning Learn to Dive Class and wish to continue to learn more dives but are not ready to join the team. The participants must be able to do a front and back dive by themselves and has been recommended by the coaches. This class meets for 45 minutes, on Saturday’s for 8 weeks during the school year.

Pre-Team Novice Diving (Level 3)

This class is for those students who have been in the advanced diving class and still need to learn more dives (4 voluntaries and 3 optionals) before they can join the team. This group meets for 2 hours, on Saturday’s for 4 weeks (monthly) during the school year.

Current 2014 Dive Lessons: Saturday Only at two locations: Monthly $75.00.

Monroe Street Pool Carlsbad 10:00-10:45 am or 11:00-11:45 am located at 3401 Monroe Street Pool, Carlsbad 92008

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