How to Make a Schedule Around Your Springboard Diving Lessons

Juggling school, homework, chores and trying to fit in a social life around your San Diego springboard diving lessons can be hectic and have adverse effects on your sleeping patterns. When there is a disturbance in your daily life and you are running on little sleep you will find that your reflexes are slowed down, your mind isn’t shark and your energy levels are stagnant. By working out a schedule you can ensure to fit in all your responsibilities to school and your springboard diving lessons while getting enough sleep so you can be your very best every day.

How can I Make a Structured Schedule?

You can make a structured schedule by formulating someone concrete that you can look at and “check off” when you have completed a task. If you are comfortable using gadgets your smartphone will have an app, or you can use Google Calendar. You could even get a PDA to help structure your life. But the old fashioned paper method still works and most find it the easier to use. According to PBS making a schedule for kids will require taking a sheet of paper and a ruler and drawing a chart that represents every waking hour of your day in increments of 30-minute blocks. In other words if you are awake for 16 hours you will need a chart with 32 squares (eight across and four down). Then label your squares with the starting time. So if you wake up at 6:30 in the morning the first square will say 6:30, the second 7:00 and so on.

How do I Structure my Time?

The best way to structure your time is to give yourself enough of it to get things done at a nice steady pace. If you feel rushed you will not be able to perform well—just ask the best springboard diving coach in San Diego County and she will tell you that staying focused and steady will bring positive results. Therefore time yourself to do a certain task, whether it is mowing the lawn or doing your math homework. You can time yourself doing this for the week and then find the average time by doing a simply formula to determine the average.

Give Yourself some Breathing Room

When forming a schedule make sure to prioritize your tasks. Start with the most time-sensitive and urgent matters and conclude with minor ones. Also, try giving yourself a one-hour block to complete things you may not have had time to tackle the day before.

Remember, a good focused diver will not feel rushed in life and will get plenty of sleep so he can perform like a champion. By structuring your time you can prepare a path to success in sport and school, and for everything to come in life ahead!

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