San Diego Springboard Diving Lessons: Where Cliff Diving Plays a Role

cliff diving

Did you know that the finest platform diving institutions like Dive San Diego have origins that trace back to ancient customers that were designed to demonstrate courage? As a competitive entity the first recordings of organized diving under the canopy of competition stem form the Hawaiian cliff divers in 1770. Located on Lanai between the islands of Maui and Molokai, warriors hurled themselves from cliffs into turbulent seas to demonstrate their courage, earn respect from elders, and gain the admiration of local women. Today when you participate in your springboard diving lessons and you engage in spotting exercises you are actually carrying on a tradition set by native Hawaiians from hundreds of years ago, as they would find a spot to focus on for placement purposes. Therefore, the exciting world of springboard diving in San Diego County and in places all over the world stem from an extreme sport that fuels the drive of young people today!

Cliff Diving Inspiration

Unless a San Diego springboard diving student or coach has actually done it, it is impossible to understand how cliff diving has a certain degree of soul to it that, while all formed of diving are soulful, this one is in a league of its own. The spiritual connection to nature penetrates the core a little differently from diver to dive. But just ask anyone who has participated in the extreme sport of cliff diving and you will hear that it fosters a special bond with Mother Nature and the elements.

In fact some San Diego springboard diving coaches have either tried it, or you have those rare ones who participate in it on the side. In fact head coach Marnie Young of Dive San Diego was the 1988 Hawaiian mixed pairs cliff diving champion who also competed in the World high Diving Championships in 1994 jumping from impressive heights of 60, 70 and 80 feet! So what does this mean for San Diego springboard diving lessons and the students who take them? Easy: we all want to learn by true masters. And being a true master of your sport means you have experimented in a plethora of avenues within aquatics. A coach who has competed on the international stage and jumped from cliffs at impressive heights can give insight, lend courage, and help develop her students in a way different from the “middle of the road” type of coach. Therefore the history of cliff diving has armed the coaches of today with a deeper understanding and love of teaching the sport that is like a religion to them.

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