San Diego Springboard Diving Lessons: The Perfect Summer Activity for Kids!

Summer officially started last week, and it proves it’s going to be a hot one! Parents are advised to keep a close watch on their kids for signs of heat exhaustion and are told to keep them hydrated. San Diego Springboard Diving LessonsSo why not enroll your kids in a safe and fun outdoor activity that builds confidence, leadership skills, and keep them cool? This summer Dive San Diego headed by Coach Marnie Young is offering affordable San Diego springboard diving lessons to kids of all ages and abilities, and it will provide a memorable experience for kids and parents where new skills will be learned, and amazing friendships will develop.

Is Springboard Diving Safe for Kids?

San Diego springboard diving lessons are one of the safest activities for kids, and the sport has an amazing safety record. In fact a large number of kids nationwide are crossing over from gymnastics to diving due to the high-impact injuries from landing on hard surfaces, and the strain gymnastics causes on the knees. In springboard diving kids land in soft water with virtual zero impact while still being able to perform a variety of somersaults. Like gymnastics, it is a sport kids can enjoy on many levels from club meets to national contests. Coach Marnie Young’s San Diego springboard diving lessons also provide the training required for kids to safely participate in meets that drawn Olympic celebrities like Greg Louganis pictured here with a young DSD diver. Coach Marnie has been safely conducting San Diego springboard diving lessons for over 20 years, and as a champion diver herself, she has the experience of competing at multiple levels, the skillset, and the heart to nurture and encourage kids to be the best versions of themselves on and off the board.

What do You Learn in Springboard Diving?

San Diego springboard diving lessons teach from three books: (1) acquiring the skills to advance through the desired levels of the sport, (2) building confidence, leadership skills, patience, concentration and other skills that carry a child in to their adult years, and (3) it offers fun and excitement! Kids of all ages will experience dryland training—a method of teaching that San Diego springboard diving coaches use where kids are safely secured into harnesses over safety mats and trampolines to learn the mechanics of somersaults, spotting, form, takeoff, and other skills that will see them soar above the water. Then kids can see their hard work pay off as they perform their target dive over water where other skills such as water entry are taught. Kids learn how to help their piers complete goals, participate in supporting and cheering for their teammates, and learn how to support one another all while building their confidence. By the end of summer your child may be able to perform a forward somersault dive in the Pike position, and he will definitely enter into the new school year with the ability to better concentrate with a tremendous degree of confidence that will shine on through life!

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