San Diego Springboard Diving: Turning Kids Into Leaders

Just ask any good parent what they want for their kids, and they will say they want them to be happy, healthy, and successful in life. When kids enroll in San Diego springboard diving and work with Coach Marnie Young, not only do they learn the essential skills required to be skilled divers; kids also learn the valuable social skills and gain the confidence they need to be leaders both on and off the diving board. san_diego_springboard_diving

Communication Skills Build Leaders

The best leaders in sports and in the world of business must learn to communicate their ideas and instructions with crystal clarity. When it comes to springboard diving lessons communication skills are taught as early as divers taking instructions from their coach. Springboard diving involves the ability to focus and concentrate, it relies on intricate and technical accouterments, and it demands emotional and psychological maturity in the face of both victory and defeat. Students who enroll in San Diego springboard diving lessons under the mentorship of Coach Marnie learn to listen and take direction, and sometimes this means doing things that they would rather do their own way. Once students follow Coach Marnie’s instructions and develop as skilled divers through her proven methods and leaderships, they take a lot away from the experience and lead by example while doing things the right way as opposed to a method that appears to have shortcuts. This in turn grants confidence, listening skills, and a belief in one’s self.

Disappointment Leads to Joy

Disappointment is a part of all sports, including springboard diving. A student diver might be having a bad day; perhaps he woke up to discover that the dog chewed his backpack to shreds, or he just remembered he had a test in geography later in the day. This can start a chain reaction that travels to the diving board, and perhaps he might miss his spot or not completely pull through a somersault. When this happens failure can be prevented so long as the diver learns from the incident and can trace its roots. Coach Marnie has more than 20 year’s of experience in teaching all types of kids, including those with special disabilities, and once she helps the student diver pinpoint the cause of the mistake, she continues to work with him to make a plan that will prevent a repeat. In order to get better, it is only natural to stumble backwards, and disappointment can easily lead to joy so long as the forward progression outweighs the latter—a lesson vital to creating strong leaders.

Responsibility and Accountability

Completing a dive is a process, and requires quick and correct decision-making. In order for this to happen the diver must be responsible in his commitment, and take accountability for himself and even for the development of his teammates because, after all, Dive San Diego is all about the team while also acknowledging personal achievement. A diver only has a second to maneuver his body in the appropriate position to successfully execute the somersault. In multiple scenarios these same split-second decisions are also required to make in order for one to be accomplished in the work place. The best leaders in springboard diving, in school, and in their careers can make these fast decisions without second-guessing their actions.

Dive into Success

Do you have a son or daughter who wants to join a team sport and develop into a strong leader? Come check out our meets, sit in on a lesson, and have a conversation with our dive parents. Introduce your child to Coach Marnie, and let your child meet some of the other student divers. This safe, energetic, and affordable sport turns kids into happier, more confident young people, and creates the best leaders!

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