Interview with San Diego Springboard Diving Lessons Coach Marnie Young


The world of diving is an amazing landscape that opens many opportunities up to people and kids of all age range, abilities, and backgrounds. This is why taking San Diego springboard diving lessons from our locally based Dive San Diego club is so magical and rewarding for kids. When parents look for San Diego springboard diving lessons one of the first criteria they place the most emphasis on is the coach. When it comes to coaching a successful student diver will need the following from a good San Diego springboard diving coach:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Passion
  • Genuine care on and off the board
  • A ton of heart

Coach Marnie Young possesses all of these attributes, and so much more. If you are considering San Diego springboard diving lessons for your son or daughter, please read the following interview with Coach Marnie, and then pay her and her students a visit, attend a training session, watch a meet, and behold the magic unfold between coach and students in this incredible sport that builds good health, agility, and confidence in young people.

Interviewer: What drew you to diving?

Coach Marnie: I had dived when I was young at our community pool in Whittier through a recreational program. It wasn’t until I was in Jr College when I was in a gymnastics class that I was told they were dropping the gymnastics program and would I like to dive. I had been on a swim team from 7-14 so was excited to try diving. I fell in love with it and was determined to become a college diver. My Jr. college Mt. Sac didn’t have a dive coach, so my swim coach who was my biggest supporter sent me to train with the local dive club Industry Hills. I dived under Olympian Rick and Connie Earley. After becoming South Coast Conference Champion in jr college I was recruited by Debby Mc Cormick to dive at CSU Long Beach and dived for the next 10 years with the MC Cormick Divers—another legendary Olympic family. My greatest accomplishment in D 1 NCAA was 12th making the finals at Pac 10 championships.

After graduation from CSULB, in 1986 I went professional and Dived with the Great American High Diving Team at Marine Land In Palos Verdes, Ca. There I learned to dive from heights of 50 and 60 feet. When I was asked to dive in a show in Hawaii in 1986, I had the opportunity to dive from 75 feet. I returned home in winter of 1987 where I attended graduate school and dived at Marine Land, DIsneyland, and Sea World. In 1988 I won the Hawaiian Cliff Diving Championships and I dove in many state fairs all over America and Canada.

In 1994 after working as a teacher of adapted physical education and having a 3 year old son I had the opportunity to dive in the World High Diving Championships where we dove from heights of 60, 70, and 80 feet. I always reference my little finger as the amount of talent I had for diving but spread my arms and say this is how much determination I have to do it. I recently saw my first coach after 30 years. She said the thing she loved about coaching me was the amount of courage I had. I was 19 and learning to dive with kids half my age and competing against kids my age who were years ahead of me. She remembers me having the social skills to fit in and learn to dive regardless of my ego. I knew that my goal was to be the best diver I could become and nothing was going to stand in my way. I had to start somewhere and suck up my ego and learn to dive to get me to where I wanted to be.

Interviewer: Wow, how lucky for the sport of diving that someone decided to axe your gymnastics program! What is diving to you today?

Coach Marnie: Diving is my love and passion. I think about it daily and miss the “flying part” of it. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with our team divers and letting them know all the opportunities out there for them with their diving gifts.

san_diego_springboard_diving_lessonsInterviewer: I can tell. When I first met you it was obvious that diving was just a hobby or job, but your life. In looking directly at your achievements, what is your proudest accomplishment in diving?

Coach Marnie: Wining the 10 meter at the Nike World Master Games in Edmonton Canada in 2005. My mother used to come to all my Jr.College meets and support me. I remember one meet where a picture of my mom was in the newspaper. She was using a newspaper as an umbrella because it was raining and it meant so much to have my mom at all my meets even though I was an adult, It made me feel very proud when I finally learned my reverse dive after failing it in my first diving meets. I vowed to make reverse my favorite dive. I call it poetry in motion… I’m Tinker Bell flying…

Interviewer: (Laughing) The Tinker Bell of the diving world! You have true magic in your skills and spirit, so I think that is a perfect title for you! You mom’s love and support is very touching, And what a huge event! So what made you want to step out of the spotlight and become a diving coach?

Coach Marnie: I started coaching soon after I began diving. I knew at an early age that I was going to be a teacher and wanted to help others fulfill their true potential. I knew that I was good at helping others achieve their dreams and was able to give my knowledge and the things I had learned in the sport to the next generations to come. It makes me feel alive!

Interviewer: How beautiful that you were able to merge your two passions together: teaching and diving. What is your proudest accomplishment as a diving coach?

Coach Marnie: I was very proud when my diver of 18 months won San Diego CIF division 1 and broke the CIF record as a freshman and again as a sophomore. Also, the relationships I develop with each diver and working together to develop them as a diver and human being. The lessons in the sport mirror life skills. I love to help anyone achieve their true potential.

san_diego_springboard_diving_lessonsInterviewer: That’s amazing! Not only is it a complimentary reflection on your mentorship, but what an inspiration for other student divers! So who makes the best diving student?

Coach Marnie: Someone who has patience, and who is capable of hard work. The best student of diving PUSHES the coach to make them the best diver they are capable of becoming. They work hard, have a burning desire, and a clear goal of where they want to go. What the mind can conceive and BELIEVE it can achieve. Helping kids to believe in themselves is the key.

Interview: If you didn’t have diving…let’s say it just doesn’t exist…what would you be doing today with your life?

Coach Marnie: Trapeze Performer and Coach

Interviewer: (laughs) I can totally see you doing it too! So, finally, what inspires you?

Coach Marnie: People who overcome extraordinary challenges…the underdog…people who are different and not afraid to share their passion. Also puppies, smiling, and laughing children!

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