Springboard Diving Lessons: What are the Benefits of Dryland Training?

springboard diving lessons

We get it; diving into the pool is fun and exhilarating. But who doesn’t enjoy jumping on a trampoline? When it comes to taking San Diego springboard diving lessons one of the best methods for improving your diving skills is to bounce on the trampoline.  Thanks to trampolines and harnesses, the sport of springboard diving has advanced greatly. Other pieces of dryland equipment that help divers reach levels of excellence include diving boards with harnesses over pits filled with foam blocks, or port-a-pits.

With the help of a skilled springboard diving coach students can embrace dryland training methods to learn specific dives and gradually perfect them through proper guidance. These training devices allow divers taking springboard diving lessons to fine-tune those particular dives that give them troubles and they are especially useful for helping beginner divers who have a fear of diving headfirst into the water overcome the anxiety and discover the sweet waters of gratification.

Skills Isolation

Most springboard diving lessons spend almost half the time doing dryland training, and isolating your diving skills is one of the main reasons. In order to perfect your diving skills you need to not only concentrate on the dive itself, but also on those elements that construct a successful dive. In your springboard diving lessons a skilled coach will have you focus on specific things such as the position of the body on take off or arm swing—elements that are vital to improve in order to complete a successful dive. Other critical areas in diving that dryland training can help improve includes the hurdle, balance on and off the board, kick-outs and spotting. All of these skills can be practiced under the direction of a skilled springboard diving coach while using a trampoline or dry board. And in many cases, ropes with rings, ropes and pulleys and a spotting belt will prove to be extremely helpful as they will allow divers to target specific areas when kicking out of a dive thus improving their skillset.

Eliminate Fear and Anxiety

Dryland training works wonders for eliminating fear and anxiety in springboard diving lessons. Let’s be direct, diving off a 10-meter high board or even a 3-meter springboard can be intimidating and scary. But performing the dive on a trampoline with a harness first under the direction of a good springboard diving coach will allow for equipment manipulation so divers can engage in tucks and not have the fear of smacking the water—an error when a diver hits the water on his back, side or stomach. Smacking stings and in some cases it can even produce welts, so dryland diving helps divers not only tackle their anxiety but also improve their skills so they can greatly reduce their chance of smacking the water.

Talk to Your Springboard Diving Coach

When you embark on dryland training, communicate to your coach what your anxieties are. A skilled springboard diving coach can easily spot the mechanics in the dive that need to be corrected, but she is not a mind-reader. Therefore by having a frank conversation with her, your coach can tweak your dryland springboard diving lessons so that you benefit both physically and mentally!

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