Are Springboard Diving Lessons Good for Kids?


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Sports are a big deal for kids, and if parents fully understood how beneficial they are the development of young people, sports would be a big deal for them too! When it comes to individual sports, springboard diving lessons are ideal for kids to get them involved in a sport that promoted concentration, cooperation, teamwork skills, coordination and other vital skills that they can use in school, work, and in building personal relationships with others.

Who is the best Springboard Diving Coach in San Diego?

Not only is Coach Marnie Young the best springboard diving coach in San Diego; she is one of the best diving coaches in the country who received the John K Williams International Adapted Aquatics Award for outstanding personal and professional contributions in serving people with disabilities. She also holds various credentials, licenses and certifications. Coach Marnie has the education and training to work with all children at levels ranging from beginner to those bound for the Olympic tryouts. She works with children who have physical, mental, and emotional disabilities and has a track record for helping kids find great success both on and off the diving board. When you sign your child up for springboard diving lessons you can sit in and witness first hand the details, listening skills, organizational skills, and the knowledge of the sport through Marnie’s passion. You can also see her genuine passion for the kids and her love of connecting with them and helping them reach their goals.

Is Springboard Diving Good for Kids?

Springboard diving is very good for kids; it is one of the safest sports with the fewest reported injuries and it helps kids develop into well-rounded young people. According to the Child Study Center sports and children should go hand-in-hand because they:

  • Promote higher self-esteem
  • Lower anxiety and depression
  • Help kids grow to be more sociable adults
  • Develop leadership and teambuilding skills
  • Enhances the concept of social rules and roles
  • Forms supportive relationships with adults and other kids
  • Creates the opportunity for kids to interact with other children of various backgrounds and cultures

These skills are especially promoted in your child’s springboard diving lessons, and a skilled San Diego springboard diving coach ensures that the children are growing as more well-adjusted people in regards to developmental areas, while finding success on the springboard and having fun!

Come Join a Team Near You Today!

The first step is to visit a renowned diving coach who offers springboard diving lessons in your area. Look for a coach who stresses the importance of teamwork throughout her instructions, that utilizes safe dryland training methods, and that gradually helps each student diver advance to the next level through a controlled environment that is fun, motivational and exciting for the kids. Also, make sure the coach is having fun! Children want a springboard diving coach whose heart is in them, and in the sport; not some stale emotionless individual who simply focuses on technique and can’t wait to go home. Come visit Dive San Diego today and let your child soar to a new place with endless possibilities!

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