Springboard Diving San Diego: Going Forward in 2015


Happy New Year, and welcome to Dive San Diego, the best springboard diving lessons and training club in San Diego County! 2014 was an amazing year that saw the development of many of our divers through our many programs, and the outlook for 2015 looks to be even better!

Our 2015 focus is to continue the successful path we have created for our students through the best springboard diving lessons in San Diego, and through amazing leadership and mentoring. We are training our high school divers for college, our intermediate divers for high school diving, and when it comes to our beginner divers we focus on the FUNdamentals of diving: the building blocks to learning harder dives and having FUN while doing it!

Our head San Diego diving coach Marnie Young has established a new San Diego Dive league to help foster the sport of diving with our valued community members. We believe this will help us drive the sport of diving into the awareness of our various communities and present kids, parents, special needs athletes, and all others with a challenging and rewarding sport that is fun and can help develop other areas of one’s life.

One of our biggest changes has been in facilities. While we still use our team training location at Monroe St. Carlsbad for San Diego springboard diving lessons, we are excited to announce that Dive San Diego has expanded to a new pool. The Alga Norte Aquatic Complex in Carlsbad offers springboard diving students and diving coaches an incredible learning environment to perfect our student divers and help the meet their goals. This new pool is a state of the art facility and is another building block for the expansion of Dive San Diego. Great springboard diving coaches, great students, great parents, and great facilities: what a great start to 2015!

We have also created a new team logo that we feel better expresses our drive and passion shared by coaches, divers and parents that we will proudly display going forward in 2015 and beyond.

Dive San Diego has also just opened a new online store that features brand new screened shirts, warm-ups, shammies, and backpacks. Best part yet, there will be many new products being added throughout 2015, so keep a look out! These are great products that offer function, warmth, form, and they promote team building and unity.

Our goals at Dive San Diego remain the same: to train and mentor the developmental growth of divers, to encourage the best scholarship in the classroom, and most importantly to encourage young divers to be good and amazing people by using diving as a foundation. While springboard diving may not be a lifelong pursuit for some, we strive to make what is learned in diving a lifelong integral experience that will continue to shape the mind and foster skills that can be used through life across the board.

Do you have a friend or family member who you think may benefit from joining us in our amazing journey? Simply contact Coach Marnie and ask how springboard diving lessons can help foster the growth of any child, from any background. Come join us and together let’s make 2015 the best year yet!

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