Springboard Diving San Diego Lessons: Drills and Why We do Them

Springboard Diving San Diego

Drills are a vital part of sports, and when you sign up with Coach Marnie Young and Dive San Diego you will be working with one of the best springboard diving coaches in the country.  An exceptional springboard diving coach is always cognizant of every aspect that matters in the development of a student diver regardless of their experience or age. When you take springboard diving San Diego lessons you will be introduced to a number of elements vital to the success of your progression in the sport, including diving drills.

When examining the face of springboard diving, most coaches and students are unable to understand the importance of drills. Structured repetitive exercises conflict with the “ off the shelf” and “ready-to-go” philosophy that so many embrace in the sport of springboard diving. But our springboard diving lessons embrace drills because Coach Marnie understands that muscle memory and attention to detail can win meets and develop divers to the levels they aspire to reach. One of the biggest challenges that springboard diving coaches face is that teens and young divers in our current generation are only motivated by that which can be obtained quickly and with little effort.  But the fact of the matter is that springboard diving students who really want to excel in the sport must work hard to embark on that road, and drills that students typically face in springboard diving lessons offered by the top coaches will experience this, and improve greatly.

The following are some drills that makeup the best part of springboard Diving San Diego lessons in the entire county:

Kick Out Drills

Learning how to maneuver our of a dive is vital to the sport. Not only will this help you stop your rotation, it will also aid you in lining up correctly to nail the entry. There is a plethora of ways in which the springboard diving students can come out of a dive, but various factors determine this. Your dive direction, the difficulty level and position play a huge roll. Therefore there are a few kick out drills all divers should know, and they are as follows:

Back and Reverse Dive Tuck

By following these steps you can perfect your springboard diving drills:

  1. Spread a mat on the floor and lie on your back while keeping your legs straight, knees locked, arms straight above your head, and your toes pointed.
  2. Lift your arms, head and legs off the floor and unite them all in the middle while balancing.
  3. Then kick your legs out with significant force at a 60 degree angle to the floor. While kicking, simultaneously move your arms to the sides of your body so they form a T position.
  4. Squeeze your entire body and release and repeat a set of five.

When doing this over a pool be sure to look at the water and focus on being quick, sharp and precise so your entry will be flawless.

Practice Makes Perfect

We have all heard that “practice makes perfect”, and when it comes to springboard diving San Diego lessons you better believe that drills are key to developing and perfecting the skills of any springboard diving student. When you learn about springboard diving lessons offered by Coach Marnie you will discover that her ethics, approach and care for her students go above and beyond anything you could find on the realm of springboard diving San Diego lessons. Call us today and come sit in on a session and meet some other parents—it will be one of the best moves you and your child will ever make!

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