Springboard Diving San Diego: Why Diving Helps Kids get Better Grades

Springboard diving doesn’t just build confidence and leadership skills, according to Pennsylvania State University and the University of South Carolina, kids who are active participants in club sports like springboard diving in San Diego prove to get better grades. springboard diving san diego lessons

These two universities studied data from9,700 students aged 14-18 from urban, suburban, and rural areas and looked at those who participated in extracurricular activities like the springboard diving offered through Club Dive San Diego, and they also looked at students immersed in academic, vocational, and performing arts clubs.

These studies scrutinized the correlations between the types of after-school activities and the student’s grades as well as their likeliness to progress on to higher education. They found that students who lived in rural areas or in the countryside were more likely to participate in extra curricular activities. The most interesting finding however was that according to the Times Educational Supplement team sports was the only extracurricular activity that saw significant and consistent positive effects on student’s grades throughout all schools both public and private. So why is springboard diving such a great option as a fun way to help a student perform with continuous good grades?

Why Springboard Diving San Diego is Good for Academics

Coach Marnie Young is the best springboard diving coach in San Diego for many reasons. Aside from being loved by kids and parents for the loving way she trains her students whom she regards as family, she also trains in a way to help students perform better in school when they are off the diving board.

The Director of Adolescent and School Health for the Centers of Disease Control surveyed 50 studies that examined the effects of sports programs on academic performance. Howell Wechsler concluded that more than half of these studies revealed positive associations with concentration duration and intensity in academic performance. It was concluded that team sports within a team-based coached setting was a key indicator for increased concentration in students across the board.

 springboard diving san diego lessons fun and affordableSpringboard Diving is a Mental Game

When students learn to concentrate outside of the classroom, they use those skills for test-taking and hitting the books. In springboard diving a student must find his center of balance, use cognitive focus, and perform tasks that requires perfect alignment with both the body and mind. In spotting exercises, dryland training, takeoff, somersaults, entry, and all of the facets to diving that one must learn concentration is key. The mind communicates with the body telling it how to perform, and this requires total focus and concentration in order for a diver to be his best.

Physically Fit Kids Get Fit Grades

Springboard diving keeps students in shape and builds core strength, as well as stamina. James Pivarnik from the American College of Sports Medicine concluded that middle-school students with enhanced aerobic capacity, endurance, strength, and healthy body composition all performed better academically than their peers. The study included over 300 students and revealed that the fittest kids scored 30 percent higher than those least in shape.

While simultaneously enhancing the brain’s power to focus and develop concentration skills, springboard diving also builds leg, back, abdominal, and core strength while increasing stamina—all things that help promote a healthy mind for producing top grades in school.

Springboard diving San Diego lessons are fun and develop confidence in each and every athlete. Furthermore, the team culture that Coach Marnie has created fosters a loving family atmosphere where, regardless of the student’s level or abilities, all learn from one another and work together for the same goals. Coach Marnie is proud to see her students develop both on and off the diving board through her springboard diving San Diego programs, and nothing gives her greater joy than seeing a student go from getting Cs and Bs to consistent As in school.

Invest in Your Kids

When you sign your kids up for San Diego springboard diving lessons you are making an investment in the following areas for your kids:

  • Giving them a fun activity
  • Potential to get college scholarships
  • Better grades
  • Improved health and fitness
  • A mentor
  • New friends
  • A new way for self expression
  • A way to deal with stress or depression

Springboard diving is an amazing sport because it gives back so much to the students who pursue it. Coach Marnie Young has more than 20 years of experiencing coaching kids, and working for kids. Coach Marnie has a Master’s degree in Adapted Physical Education, as well as two teaching credentials. As she also works as a teacher in the North County San Diego School District, Coach Marnie has the enhanced skillsets as a Master Diver to help kids master the sport of diving, but also the background to help students be their best in the classroom.

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