Springboard Diving San Diego

Springboard diving San Diego

Do you have kids who want to get involved in extra curricular activities? Are you a in school and wish to get involved in a sport that is fun, challenging and will help increase your confidence in all aspects of your life? Dive San Diego and Coach Marnie offer affordable springboard diving San Diego lessons to kids and adults of all ability levels and we have over 20 years of experience offering the best dry land training and springboard and platform instruction in all of San Diego County. Give us a call today and come sit in on one of our training sessions so you can observe first-hand the amazing things our kids are doing!

Can Kids with Disabilities take Springboard Diving Lessons?

Dive San Diego trains kids and adults with a number of physical and psychological challenges, so yes we love offering springboard diving San Diego lessons to those with disabilities. When you learn more about dive San Diego you will discover that Coach Marnie has a Master’s degree and two teaching credentials in Adapted Physical Education making her an expert in training students with an array of challenges ranging from those missing a limb to students with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, Asperger’s, severe arthritis and many more physical  issues. Coach Marnie has been a leader in springboard diving for over 20 years. With her experience, passion for kids, and her own illustrious background as a competitive diver, Coach Marnie is the best springboard diving coach in San Diego for kids with physical challenges. Give the coach a call today and come meet the team!

Will Springboard Diving Lessons Interfere with School?

Our springboard diving San Diego specialists have designed a program that will not interfere with school, as your child’s education is the most important thing. When your child decides to join our springboard diving team you will discover that his energy, focus, self esteem and ability to focus will greatly improve and his overall performance in education will increase. This is because we not only teach the fundamentals and mechanics of springboard diving; we design our program in a way that makes divers more successful in life. Studies prove that a successful springboard diving San Diego curriculum can help people of all ages improve in work, school, personal relationships and in completing life goals.

We would love to meet you and your child! Give us a call and come meet the team!