Springboard Diving VS Gymnastics: What is the Parental Buzz?

Let’s face it, springboard diving and gymnastics share some common ground, however they are entirely different—just ask a parent! Recently our San Diego springboard diving coach Marnie Young sent questionnaires to parents to gain insight and feedback regarding the club and the perception of this amazing sport.

springboard diving san diego lessonsThe response was overwhelmingly positive and eye opening, especially in the feedback parents gave when asked how springboard diving compares to other sports their kids were involved in. It came to no surprise that gymnastics was the common comparison made by parents, so we decided to explore this topical juxtaposition.

Springboard Diving is Safer, Right?

Indeed springboard diving is a much safer sport than gymnastics because the risk of injury is significantly lower. When it comes to determining the safety of springboard diving Dr. Wes Zimmerman collected a bibliography on competitive diving, as well as articles and medical records dating back to 1985 and determined that, due to the low rate of injuries, springboard diving is a safe sport if a qualified coach is involved.

San Diego springboard diving lessons promote safety and fun above anything else. With a perfect safety record the coaching staff continues to protect students and educate divers in injury prevention ranging from dryland training with trampolines and harnesses, to the takeoff and various somersaults that compose a perfect and safe dive.

Although springboard diving is considered a collision sport due to the impact divers make with water on entry, it is much safer because water is softer that the hard ground. Gymnastics and springboard diving both require prime fitness, core strength, spotting skills, tumbling, balance, and a number of other demands. Furthermore, the athlete must be psychologically prepared to execute the maneuvers. Various studies show that student divers handle the psychological demands of diving better than they do in handling the demands of gymnastics because the risk of injury is significantly lower. And with springboard diving being a demanding and highly competitive sport it provides student divers with the skills needed to be confident leaders while providing a safer sphere for their skillset and personal development.

Why Do Gymnasts Turn Into Divers?

There is a significant number of former gymnasts turned divers due to burnout and high number of injuries in gymnastics. In fact Olympic diver Brittany Viola was a gymnast before she made it to the London games as a diver, and expressed burnout and injury as being the main reasons why she graduated to the sport of springboard diving. Because flexibility, performing somersaults, executing takeoffs and a landing, and a number of other similarities make diving a comfortable sport for gymnasts to transition into, it is a popular and loved option. And due to the fact that springboard diving has its own unique challenges it cures the burnout pains felt by gymnasts.

Two Thumbs Up From Moms and Dads

If you are looking for a springboard diving coach with a perfect safety record, certifications and an educational grounding in working with children, and a strong bond with the community, coach Marnie Young adds to the sport everything that parents rave about. Come pay Coach Marnie and the divers a visit; talk to other parents, and discover why Coach Marnie’s San Diego springboard diving club causes kids and parents alike to give two thumbs up!

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