Team Diver/ Parent Responsibilities


When signing up with Dive San Diego we give you OUR commitment to train you for

the sport of diving to your full potential.It is essential that when you sign up with DSD that YOU give us the BEST you have at EVERY practice!

Yearly Registration Fee: Team divers must pay a $50.00 yearly registration fee.


1. There are no refunds of any kind.

2. Team divers must pay monthly tuition which is due and payable the first week in

the month. All classes must be paid in advance. Make-up days may not be used in

lieu of tuition for another month.

3. All team divers must give 30 days notice before leaving the team.

4. There will be a $25.00 late fee if tuition is not paid by the 15th of each month.

5. If a diver misses practice’(s) they may be made up, during the month they were

paid for. (Example: a diver pay’s for 1 day a week or 4 days in the month and

cannot dive one of the days they normally dive in the week. The diver may come

another week 2 days to make up). If you have special circumstances talk to the coach.

6. The minimum coaches fee for local competitions is $35.00 per event and must be

paid before leaving for competition. The competition fee covers the coach’s

expenses and coaching for the meet. For travel meets the coaching fee is divided

by the number of DSD divers going to the competition.

7. Parents, family members, and/or divers must work at all DSD hosted diving meets.

8. Since DSD hosted meets are also fund raisers we ask that each family donate

monies or food items to the snack bar with a $35.00 donation per family.

9. Current AAU registration August 31 –August 31 is required.

10. Current US Diving registration is required for US Diving meets.

11. Current registration form with liability waiver must be on file with DSD.

12. Please provide the coach with current AAU, and US Diving cards, and emergency contact information.

13. DSD philosophy 50% dry land and 50% water. Divers must choose at least 1 dry

land and 1 water workout per week. Those with schedule conflicts see the coach.

As Always We Will See You on the Diving Board!!!


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